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Stainless Steel Rolling Pin with Adjustable Rings


This superb quality Stainless Steel Rolling Pin has 3 rings, which adjusts the height of the rolling pin from the work surface. You can remove all the rings, so that the rolling pin sits flat on the work surface or you can raise the rolling pin by adding rings.

Stainless Steel Rolling Pin with Adjustable Rings Features:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from stainless steel, this rolling pin won’t crack or encourage the growth of mold. Say goodbye to musty smells that can get into your food!

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Besides its durable make, the rolling pin is especially designed to lessen hand-fatigue. You can easily roll out dough for your pizzas, cookies, pies, chapati and more with minimum effort and in less time.

  • ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS RINGS: Since it comes with 1/2-, 1/4-, and 1/8-inch rolling pin guides, you can work your way through your dough or fondant with ease and precision. Perfect for both beginners, kids and seasoned pastry chefs!

  • COOL AND LIGHT: This perfectly weighted rolling pin has the correct amount of heft to roll out pizza or cookie dough, fondant, and more with ease. Plus, it lets you work with a cold rolling pin. Simply pop into the fridge or freezer before use. Say goodbye to melting dough!

Medium Length: 16.5"
Large Length: 19.5"

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